Friday, June 13, 2014

River of Life ...

The Rio Grande near Bosque Park (the stumps) on Socorro's Riverine Trail...

Bosque Park is located on the Riverine Trail roughly 1.5 miles north of the Otero st. trailhead which is a half mile east of California st. in Socorro, nm. It can also be driven to by following the canal roads that paralell the trail heading north from the Otero st. trailhead parking lot.

Five tables with fire pit grilles are located at Bosque Park amongst a deep Cottonwood grove with picturesque vistas of the Rio Grande as it bends heading south.

It is roughly a three mile roundtrip hike or bike ride from the Otero st. Park trailhead to Bosque Park and back on the Riverine Trail. The trail is gentle and well shaded, but always remember to bring plenty of water, obey all fire rules and be sure not to leave any trash behind.

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